Sunday, 19 August 2018

Wapka Wapsite Builder Shutting Down, What to do?

Wapka Wapsite Builder Shutting Down.
Help about your Mobile website with or or is shutting down on 15th September.

Now what to do ?

No problem, I can give you solution. Don't worry...

Just Purchase Hosting from This : Click Here

Any Plan from This page. But why this website?

They allow Downloading wapsites to there web server, Speed and Support is fine.

Also they provide many types of PHP Script of Downloading wapsites and websites.

I am using there service more then 1 Year, I have moved from wapka to this Because I need total control of my website. And here is totally ours. 

And many more functions to run your website more simply.

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So go for it , Thank you

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