Monday, 15 January 2018

Google's New Awesome Drawing Website

Google's New Awesome Drawing Website 

Today I will show you Google's New Drawing Web App or WebsiteIt is too cool , so don't miss this.Let's start...

Today I am telling you about this website - 

What to do?
This is a website to draw. This website is powered by google so there was no doubt for its services.
Just visit this and give a try.

If you can't draw anything this is best for you.
Because you can draw anything if you can't draw anything.
Check this little video below.

I think you will get idea about its features and goodness.

How to Use?
Now I am telling you shortly about how to use this website to draw anything that you can't draw normally.
I am just telling about the Extra Features , But there was too many another features also like a normal drawing app.

Now open The website 

It will open a blank page, Select Autodraw option from the left side.
Then just try to draw anything that you want to draw.
If you started drawing anything then This Website will suggest you about your drawing and then just click on the suggested image and your Drawing will be finished automatically.

Drawing Learning

Then if you want to customize the Drawing , you can do it easily. 

There was no restriction or fee to use. Google is always free for everyone. 

Try it once, and have fun. Thank you

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