Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Learn How to put Money to Paytm Savings Account

Did you Upgraded your Paytm Wallet to Savings Account?
If No then contact your local Paytm Agent.
Today I will show you, How to Deposit to Paytm Savings account.

If you have money in Paytm wallet but Don't know hot to load on Saving Account for using Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card.
Then this post is for you.

This is Very Simple to Deposit Funds to Paytm Savings Bank Account.

At first Note your Paytm Banks Account Details: Open your Paytm App on your mobile and go to Bank Tab.
See the details of your Paytm Bank Holder Name, Account Number and IFSC Code.

You can check the Photo on this post,
My Account Holder Name - SAHEB BISWAS
Then My Account Number 9197******94 and IFSC Code There.

This details will work for you as a Normal Bank account details.  You can send money to this Account from Your Net Banking Portal via IFSC, IMPS or going to any Local bank etc etc.

And also you can send Money from Paytm Wallet to Paytm Savings Account with this details. Do you need to know how?

Just Go to > Paytm App > Passbook > Wallet Tab > Send Money to Bank > Transfer 
Check below photos :

Fill The Details with your Paytm Bank Account Details. And The Click Proceed. Thats all. Your Paytm Wallet Money will go to your Paytm Savings Account. You will Earn Interest on that amount in your savings account.

And now you can Use your Paytm Bank Account's Money with your Paytm Virtual Debit Card to any Online Shopping Websites.
Also you can Again add the Savings Account Money to Your Paytm Wallet through the Debit Card.

If any problem or have Questions then Comments Below. Thank you

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