Thursday, 16 November 2017

Amazon Pay Balance 25 Rupees Free

If you Shopping online
I think you have heard about Amazon Pay
It is Amazon's New Wallet.
Today I will show you how to get 25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay Balance.

25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay
Guys, This is not fully free.
You need to Spend 25 Rupees for this.
Then why I have told you free!
Let's Start - 
We have to Buy a Kitkat Cadbury by Nestle.
Check it out,
Kitkat Cadbury - 25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay
Kitkat Cadbury By Nestle
I think you can Buy it from any Small/Big Shops across India.
And Check about The Amazon Cash Offer before purchase.
You will Surely get 25 Rupees in your amazon pay account.
So , 25 - 25 = FREE

How to Proceed?
Open The pack carefully.
You will see this window.
25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay By Kitkat Coupon
Type the Coupon Code Carefully.
I have entered my one. Check the Photo.
The money will be added instantly and you will get the Confirmation message.
See the below photo.
That's all friends.
Nothing to do more, You have got your bucks.
To kuch Meetha Ho JAYE

You can use this Free Money to do anything. Any Recharges or Shopping. 
Offer Valid till 15th January , 2018
and 3 Coupon can be Redeemed per Account.
Thank you

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