Monday, 28 August 2017

Buy BINGO! Get PayTm Cash Free

Buy BINGO! Get PayTm Cash Free.

Get PayTm Cash Free with 5 Rupees Bingo Mad Angels.

Bingo Mad Angels - Free Paytm Cash
      I have saw this on a shop, and i have bought 1 Bingo Mad angels by 5 Rupees.
I think that is 5 Rupees for all over India.
So,  If you want to Taste Bingo Mad angles with free of cost then purchase 1 and get cashback on paytm.
I have got 5 Rupees.
I think this is minimum amount of cashback.

Steps are very simple, 
But still I am telling the process.

  • At first purchase a Bingo Mad Angels from a Shop.
Check carefully this Packet, there was PayTm free cash offer printed on this pack. Don't go with a normal pack.
Bingo Angels - Free Paytm Cash
Now, please check all the angels.
Then cut the packet from upper side, and look for the Coupon code.
There will be a 12 Digit Coupon code printed inside and font are not so small, so you can easily see this.

Now goto this link: PayTm

Enter the 12 Digit Coupon Code and Your Answer.
Click Proceed.
All done, You will get your cashback instantly.
I have got 5 Rupees Instantly, 
Check this image, its 100% true and proved by me.
But I can't gurantee about yours because thats not my company.
Check this zoomed image also.
So buy and taste with free, I have bought by 5 Rupees and got 5 Rupees.
So I have got it fully free, so I am so excited about it.
And there was 1 lack cashback for 1 winner weekly and other 1000 cashback for movie tickets daily.
I don't got anythig without 5 Rupees, try your luck.

1 comment :

  1. Today 1 have bought another One and got another 5 Rupees.
    And I have asked them, they said all packs have 5 Rupees cashback, so hurry up.
    I will buy all packs from the store tomorrow.