Tuesday, 2 May 2017

How to make youtube video popular

Hi friends.
Today We are using Youtube videos almost all the time.
All we know that Uploading to Youtube is Free of cost.
Means you can Upload your own videos to Youtube without any fee.
So all we want to upload our own videos, But video viewers are a few. 
Now I am telling you som tricks and tips to make your Youtube Video more Popular.
Youtube Broadcast Yourself
Now, Live video sharing also available on YouTube.
But I will share another tutorial about that feature.
         We will learn How to make my YouTube videos Popular?

1. Content Of The Video 
- At first we have to make A good Quality video. Don't upload any Downloaded video then YouTube can ban you from Uploading.
Create your own Good Quality video with clear sound. If you want to add Graphics then add good quality graphics also.

2. Keyword Research 
- The main fact is Keyword to Reach more and more people to your videos. Think of your video content and think like your video viewers then Select keywords.

3. Title and Sub-title 
- Use your video's Keyword related Title and Sub-title. Keep Your video title length Small but attractive.
Because Your title is very important to attract viewers to your videos.

4. Descriptions and Tags
- Write a large description to your video because YouTube has set a description limit to 5000 words. Means they want a good and large description about your video.
And don't forget to add your Title and Keywords to add into description.

5. Thumbnails 
- Add a very attractive and lighting Thumbnail to your YouTube video.

6. Share and Blogging 
- Add your video to your blog and another blog with embedded code. 
And share your video to All the platform you use and all of there you can. But don't spam.

7. Time and Reply
- Upload your video at the right time. and Regularly upload videos to your YouTube Channel.
Always reply to you viewers comment.

Thank you for Reading.

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