Saturday, 15 April 2017

Get 15 Rupees Free In Your SBI Bank

Hello Friends,From now I will write regularly to this blog.Thank you for visit, So now start for Getting 15 Rupees Free to your State Bank of India Bank Account.

SBI Mingle - Tech Lover India
1) Q. How can we get Free Balance to SBI Bank account?

A. We have to Register for SBI Mingle then we will get 10 Rupees Free Balance on our SBI Bank Account. 
and for getting more 5 rupees free, we have to do a transaction using SBI Mingle.

2) What is SBI Mingle?

A. I am giving an example feature of SBI Mingle. Then it will be very clear to you. 
By Using SBI Mingle We can Check Balance, Money Transfer, Block ATM, Mini Statement, Check Book Request and more.
* Because this is about Bank and Money so please visit SBI Official Website and Check the details about SBI Mingle here. SBI Official

3) Where to find SBI Mingle?

A. SBI Mingle is available on Facebook, Twitter and on Google Play store. I did not used twitter and android apps, so I dont know about that.
But I have used it on Facebook and Got 15 Rupees in my Bank account.
Here is Facebook SBI Mingle link : - SBI Mingle on FB

I am still using SBI Mingle on Facebook, That was really very nice.
Check I am logged in there, and what I can do there....
SBI Mingle on Facebook - Tech Lover India
Remember that you have to register your mobile number with your bank account, that mobile number need for this registration.

If you want to do this then follow SBI Official link and do step by step, this is very simple. you can do it within 5 minutes.

I am giving some details about the process,

Go to this link : SBI Mingle on FB 

Click on Use Now
You will get this page.
SBI Mingle Registration
Click on Register Now
Then you have to enter bank account number then click on  Validate Now.
SBI Mingle

Then complete the process, If successfully registered then You will get 10 Rupees free balance on your account within 2 working days.
Thank you for reading this post. And this is not fake , I have tested and got the Balance also.
I am here at Facebook: Me on FB

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