Sunday, 19 August 2018

Wapka Wapsite Builder Shutting Down, What to do?

Wapka Wapsite Builder Shutting Down.
Help about your Mobile website with or or is shutting down on 15th September.

Now what to do ?

No problem, I can give you solution. Don't worry...

Just Purchase Hosting from This : Click Here

Any Plan from This page. But why this website?

They allow Downloading wapsites to there web server, Speed and Support is fine.

Also they provide many types of PHP Script of Downloading wapsites and websites.

I am using there service more then 1 Year, I have moved from wapka to this Because I need total control of my website. And here is totally ours. 

And many more functions to run your website more simply.

Check one of my website : Click Here

So go for it , Thank you
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Sunday, 29 July 2018

How to Get .OOO Domain Free ? No Payment Needed

How to Get .OOO Domain Free ? No Payment Method Needed

Today I will tell how to Register a Free domain.

Domain Extension :   .OOO

I think this is a Cool domain and If you are getting it free then why wait?

Goto this link :

It will open a Official Website of .OOO Domain.

I have created a Video of detailed process.

Check it : 

Register Unlimited Free domain now.

Use promo code GETOOO to get a free domain!

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Domain Name at Just Rs.99 Only | .Com .In

Domain Name at Just Rs.99 Only | .Com .In

Low Price Domain Name In India Now. Get a .Online Domain at Just Rupees 99 Only.

No extra Fee or GST.

Just pay Only 99 Rupees for 1 Year.

Click here - HostMaza

It will open this page.

Enter your domain name and Check Availability.

If available then , It will show like this - 
Then Add to cart and enter your details and pay , that's it.
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Friday, 19 January 2018

Recharge 10 Get 5 Rs Back on Paytm for ALL Users

This is awesome.
Recharge with 10 Rupees or more and get 5 Rupees Cashback on Paytm 
Per day 10 Times
For all Paytm Wallet and Paytm Payments Bank Users.
Paytm Recharge Offer Caskback

Offer Details- 
Get 5 Rupees Cashback Every Time You Recharge on Paytm with 10 Rupees or More (10 Times Per Day)
  • Minimum Recharge Amount Rs.10 
  • You have to sign in on Paytm
  • Cashback Will be given to Paytm Wallet
  • Every Day 10 Times you will get Cashback

How to avail this?
Goto or open Mobile App on your Phone.
Then Recharge any number with any amount. Recharge with 10 Rupees or More. 
Then Proceed
Paytm Recharge Offer Caskback Paytm Recharge Offer Caskback
Click on Have a Promo Code?
Give code - GET5
Then proceed to Recharge.
After completion of Recharge you will get cashback, sometimes it takes a little bit time to credit the cashback to your wallet but don't worry. You will get your 5 Rupees cashback to your Paytm Wallet surely.
Thank you
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Monday, 15 January 2018

Google's New Awesome Drawing Website

Google's New Awesome Drawing Website 

Today I will show you Google's New Drawing Web App or WebsiteIt is too cool , so don't miss this.Let's start...

Today I am telling you about this website - 

What to do?
This is a website to draw. This website is powered by google so there was no doubt for its services.
Just visit this and give a try.

If you can't draw anything this is best for you.
Because you can draw anything if you can't draw anything.
Check this little video below.

I think you will get idea about its features and goodness.

How to Use?
Now I am telling you shortly about how to use this website to draw anything that you can't draw normally.
I am just telling about the Extra Features , But there was too many another features also like a normal drawing app.

Now open The website 

It will open a blank page, Select Autodraw option from the left side.
Then just try to draw anything that you want to draw.
If you started drawing anything then This Website will suggest you about your drawing and then just click on the suggested image and your Drawing will be finished automatically.

Drawing Learning

Then if you want to customize the Drawing , you can do it easily. 

There was no restriction or fee to use. Google is always free for everyone. 

Try it once, and have fun. Thank you
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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

What is Action Camera. 4k Waterproof Rs-2000

Action Camera
Action Camera - Tech Lover India

We all knows about DSLR, SLR , Semi-SLR and Normal Digital Cameras.
But many of us don't know about Action Camera.
So, I am telling about this one.
Its not like This common type of camera, But They have some cool features.
Know about that Sweet Facts and then decide.
There are some Special Reasons to have an Action Camera.

What is an Action Camera?
This is not Like a Normal Camera. There are many difference between Action Camera and Normal Cameras.
Sometimes Action Camera also called as Sports Camera.
They are specially Designed for Attaching with Helmet, Cycle Handel, Cars or with many things.
Because they are more useful to shoot Actions, Sports, Travel , Work etc etc
You can use it for Cycle or Bike Tour, Just Attach it to your Cycle's Handel and Shoot your Total Tour without anyone's help.
This is Small, Dust and Waterproof , Can Record Ultra High Definition 4K Video. 
Also it can record Better video at Night, it takes Clear Video at Low Light. 
and it can take Smooth Video still if shakes.
Action Camera With Cycle - Tech Lover India

Why and Where it's Better?
  • This Cameras are Smaller and Light Wight then Normal Cameras. So you can easily carry it with you and you can easily attach it with Helmet, Cycle or Bike Handel and With Selfie Stick also and Much more.
  • It can record very High Quality video with Ultra HD and 4K Quality.
  • It can Record Video smoothly still in Shakes. So if you are running or doing anything and capturing video. Then this is best for you.
  • It can Record in Low Light. So it's mean you can Shoot video without extra light.
  • All Action Camera are Waterproof and Dust proof. So you can Record Video Under Water. 
  • Wide Angel and Bigger Lens. So you can capture like what your eyes can see.
  • Very Low Price
Learn More from Wikipedia : Click here

Price Range - Rs.1,000 - 30,000 Only

If you like this features and want to take.
Let me help you to choose -

There was many Model of Action Camera in the market.
The Highest and Latest one is GoPro Hero 5 edition.
Price under 30k. Check here at amazon

And if you purchase under 5k then that will be a Good Action camera also. Check this at 3K only at amazon

You can search on amazon and Flipkart and choose the right one for you. All are good. If price higher the Quality also higher but Low Budget's Cameras also fine and they can Record 4K video.
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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Amazon Pay Balance 25 Rupees Free

If you Shopping online
I think you have heard about Amazon Pay
It is Amazon's New Wallet.
Today I will show you how to get 25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay Balance.

25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay
Guys, This is not fully free.
You need to Spend 25 Rupees for this.
Then why I have told you free!
Let's Start - 
We have to Buy a Kitkat Cadbury by Nestle.
Check it out,
Kitkat Cadbury - 25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay
Kitkat Cadbury By Nestle
I think you can Buy it from any Small/Big Shops across India.
And Check about The Amazon Cash Offer before purchase.
You will Surely get 25 Rupees in your amazon pay account.
So , 25 - 25 = FREE

How to Proceed?
Open The pack carefully.
You will see this window.
25 Rupees Free Amazon Pay By Kitkat Coupon
Type the Coupon Code Carefully.
I have entered my one. Check the Photo.
The money will be added instantly and you will get the Confirmation message.
See the below photo.
That's all friends.
Nothing to do more, You have got your bucks.
To kuch Meetha Ho JAYE

You can use this Free Money to do anything. Any Recharges or Shopping. 
Offer Valid till 15th January , 2018
and 3 Coupon can be Redeemed per Account.
Thank you
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Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Learn How to put Money to Paytm Savings Account

Did you Upgraded your Paytm Wallet to Savings Account?
If No then contact your local Paytm Agent.
Today I will show you, How to Deposit to Paytm Savings account.

If you have money in Paytm wallet but Don't know hot to load on Saving Account for using Paytm Payments Bank Debit Card.
Then this post is for you.

This is Very Simple to Deposit Funds to Paytm Savings Bank Account.

At first Note your Paytm Banks Account Details: Open your Paytm App on your mobile and go to Bank Tab.
See the details of your Paytm Bank Holder Name, Account Number and IFSC Code.

You can check the Photo on this post,
My Account Holder Name - SAHEB BISWAS
Then My Account Number 9197******94 and IFSC Code There.

This details will work for you as a Normal Bank account details.  You can send money to this Account from Your Net Banking Portal via IFSC, IMPS or going to any Local bank etc etc.

And also you can send Money from Paytm Wallet to Paytm Savings Account with this details. Do you need to know how?

Just Go to > Paytm App > Passbook > Wallet Tab > Send Money to Bank > Transfer 
Check below photos :

Fill The Details with your Paytm Bank Account Details. And The Click Proceed. Thats all. Your Paytm Wallet Money will go to your Paytm Savings Account. You will Earn Interest on that amount in your savings account.

And now you can Use your Paytm Bank Account's Money with your Paytm Virtual Debit Card to any Online Shopping Websites.
Also you can Again add the Savings Account Money to Your Paytm Wallet through the Debit Card.

If any problem or have Questions then Comments Below. Thank you
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